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Puzzle / Action


Play as Boxman and solve brainy problems with square-shouldered brawn.

System Requirements

Mozilla Firefox/Internet Explorer 8 or Android Phone
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Strategically shoot out shifting blocks on a grid, clearing the path so Boxman can reach the flags. Square off against bosses and figure out clever means of disarming or escaping them.


Uncover hidden pickups to unlock special abilities. Beat the game once for the "hide" ability. Collect all the frozen skulls to get the TNT detonators. Get a high score on every level to get the Invincibility Shield.


Boxman Android Update News

2 Player Mode

Need an assist on a level in Boxman? Enlist the help of ShadowBox in the new 2 Player Mode!

Download the app or play online today!

Unlockable Special Abilities

The latest version of Boxman: A Puzzle Game for Blockheads is publishing NOW with more updates arriving soon!

Download the app or play online today!

The most recent update features Unlockable Special Abilities! See the PDF link below to learn more about how to unlock these hidden goodies!

Deluxe Edition Info
Boxman Instruction Manual


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Featured Video

This walkthrough takes you through the first few levels of the new deluxe edition of Boxman: A Puzzle Game for Blockheads.

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